The article by David Sperber, “Hosting Culture”: The Relationship between Judaism and Islam in the Works of Three Religious Female  Artists, about my work and the work of Nehama Golan and Andi Arnovitz, has appeared in the new international journal Studies in Visual Arts and Communication. See article.


Prayer Rug 2

Prayer Rug 2, 2003, oil on canvas, 125 X 80 cm

From the opening of the article:

This article is directed to uncovering an unknown branch of contemporary Israeli art that examines the ties between Judaism and Islam in general, and specifically the cultural ties between Jews and Arabs in Israel…Central to this article is the understanding that the local art discourse rests on European models and these are tied directly to the world of Christian iconography. However, the artists who appear in this article do not yield to these accepted standards. Not infrequently they aim at appropriating, or at least examining, the possibility of a deep connection between their world of Jewish art and the Muslim cultural milieu.